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Product specifications:
1: Weld mesh wire galvanized sheets
1650mm height X 2600mm width
Fabricated out of 5mm galvanized wire
Vertical spacing 50mm
Horizontal spacing 150mm
Sheet has to have 3 horizontal folds to give extra strength and stability also 2 X 40NB galvanized pipes will be inserted vertically between the folds at each end to form a fence panel this will be done in Australia but the folds will have to be 50mm high to give 50mm clearance to be able to insert pipe outside diameter of pipe is 49mm
2: Galvanized steel pipe
40 mm NB 2.3 mm thick
Approximately outside diameter 48.8 mm
2000 mm Length
2 a : Galvanized steel pipe with bends (stay Bar)
40 mm NB 2.4 mm thick
Giving approximately outside diameter 48.8 mm
2000 mm Length with 2 bends 1 at each end and a 13mm hole straght trough 6 mm from end at one end of pipe. (see 3 D drawing marked as stay bar)
presently we are manufacturing this item in Australia the bending and the holes.
we are using a hydraulic bender and a punch for the hole as quicker than drill.

3: D clamp all hot dipped galvanized   (as per drawing below)
40mm X 40mm
NOTE Bolt size 40mmX 10mm
In center galvanized bolt round head with square shank,
To prevent bolt turning when tightening nut
Please note panel would be put together in Australia this will make shipping more compact, and feasible.

We will be requiring full container loads. Due to transport regulation in Australia we are looking to try to keep load around 25 ton we will advise accurate maximum weight later.
Weight of product will decide if we use 20ft or 40ft containers. Container is to be loaded and sealed by manufacturer we will give drawings to maximize loading space.
We are looking at importing large quantity on a continuous basis once we established quality of product. Above products will be our repetitive orders but we are looking at other pipes etc once we establish a relationship favoring long-term acquaintance.
We have been in business for 28 years and we are expanding.

Click on thumbnail for detailed drawing

3 D drawing of  fence panel  available as a word document  FENCE PANEL DRAWING - Click here
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