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Find below  details of info kiosks  required by a company in Turkey . Company details including  email ,address,  telephone number,  name of contact person, for this specific enquiry and other requirements for kiosks & related products  will be sent on subscription. Please email us or contact on 91-022-25664078/55554853  if interested.  Details of buyer for a single enquiry are also available on payment of  our nominal charges                                  Contact us                                                                                                                  

Product specifications: Our company is looking for some info kiosks which have a toucable screen,usb connection,memory card reader,internet connection,(wi-fi,cable or adsl) and some other functions like sound together for public use in large quantities. For example someone can use this kiosk for downloading any mp3 or screen logos for their mobile phone or mp3 players.
Can you please help or advice any company to us.
Info Kiosk
a.. Robust Steel Enclosure with Anti Static Paint finish.
a.. 15 or 17 Touch Screen LCD Monitor.
a.. Vertical component installation provides a reliable architecture.
a.. Hidden cable outlets on base.
a.. TUV Approved, Active PFC, Full Range 180 Watt Slim Power Supply.
a.. 1U Pure Cooper CPU Cooler.
a.. 300 Watt Stereo Speaker
a.. 60 mm Case Fans.
a.. Super Space Saving design with 87 mm enclosure depth
a.. Front panel is customizable with digital printing.

Display Type: TFT LCD
Display Size: 15", 17" or 19"
Touch Screen Options: Resistive 5 Wire, Capacitive, Zytouch, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
Touch Screen Controller: USB,
Enclosure Type: Steel
Enclosure Finish: Anti static powder-coat paint
Dimensions (HxWxD): 140 x 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 30 Kg.
Enclosure Fan: 2 x 70 mm Smart Fans
Audio System: 300 Watt Stereo
Power Supply: 180 Watt Full Range, TUV Approved, Active PFC, Ultra Slim
Cable Outlets: Hidden at bottom
Card Reader Options: Magnetic Stripe Reader, Smart Card Reader, Barcode Scanner
Mother Board Options: SBC 5.25" and Mini ITX
Hard Disk Options: 3.5" IDE or SATA
WatchDog Timer: Programmable 256 levels reset only on SBC 5.25 and Mini ITX Main Boards
Digital I/O (DIO): Programmable 4 In 4 Out only on Mini ITX Main Board
Modification on Enclosure: Dependable to project and volume
Unique design with robust metal enclosure. Variable finish color options.

Quantity required: 500-1000 pcs.

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