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Find below  details of  furniture required by a company from Spain . Company details including  email ,address,  telephone number,  name of contact person, for this specific enquiry and other requirements for furniture & related products  will be sent on subscription. Please email us or contact on 91-022-25664078/55554853  if interested.  Details of buyer for a single enquiry are also available on payment of  our nominal charges                                  Contact us                                                                                                                  

Product specifications: We have 72 outlet furniture centers. Mostly our outlet centers range 2000 to
5000 sq.m selling area. We have a total 130000sqm selling area. We are a  national retailer, meaning that we we are in the whole of Spain. We buy per container, so it is up to the interesting a product is, or if the supplier
can offer many lines to determine if we buy 1 or more containers on a regular basis of every 4-8 weeks.
please quote similar style...your own design
tv table
upper shelf
book shelf
prices per item
please quote 2 ways:
1. oak wood (try quoting thinking that oak is only needed for edges and front parts, but not for back and inner parts...where FDM could be possible)
2. spruce or pinewood, and again...FDM where needed in order to lower cost.


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